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10:46 h
Hi there. My name’s Aoibheann n’ I’m currently living in Ireland. Tho’ I’m very interested @ sum’ point in the future 2 go to Canada to study medicine &, would love some part-time work as a secretary or, something in an established Church or, find a good Christian fellowship! Of coarse this may not be for another year or, two but..if you’re @ all keen or, ave any info etc, pls reply soon and, remember me! Always in Christ, A

Kristina Stewart
19:01 h
Hey! I’m kristina and i’ve never been to your church but i’m Jenny,Charlie, and frankie’s friend. Nice site! I’ll check it out later when you have more stuff on it.Its awesome so far!

Ned Pickett
18:03 h
Dear Pastor Swires,

I met your brother Phill at Anchorage Baptist Temple. He emailed me your article on ‘the Doctrine of Election’ which is also included on your website.
Would you be interested in reading some articles on the opposing view? If so I will need your email address to send them to you.

Thanks and God bless.

Ned Pickett

Rob Nogier
14:21 h
Hi Steve, Liz and the rest of the family! How are things just a note to say hi and I miss you guys!
Rob Nogier.

Pastor Luciano
01:47 h

Thomas Greer
14:16 h
Hi Bro. Swires,

Remember me? It looks like you have a good start to your church website.

I hope and trust all is well there. God Bless.

Bro. Tom Greer

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