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Alan and Joy Vaal
20:04 h
nice web site. Hope the visit with you when we come.

21:32 h
Great Site
Keep up the Lords Work online.Another Baptist from Missouri,USA

21:25 h
I love your Web Page. It is refreshing, giving peace among all the happenings in this world. God Bless your Ministry.Bonnie

Fr. Dan Swires
06:51 h
Your site is nicely done!Your older brother, Dan

Joseph Handlon
08:31 h
I attend “Sonshine Baptist Church” in Port Charlotte, FLI’m going thru your “The Doctrine of Election” for the 2nd time – strong reading. I may need to finish my On-Line Bible course before I understand your article. I understand it from the Bible scriptures you use tho.Good site – good sermon too. I have only listened to one so far but it is a good one. (Sound Doctrine”

Joseph Handlon

Bro Vern Klassen
10:48 h
Hi,I have been going through IFB sites and found yours through I am called to Preach and am being trained through Heritage Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Mb. We are an IFB church and preach the 1611 KJV. We are a church plant by Pastor Dave Cook under authority of Pastor Michale Sullivant of Pembina Valley Baptist Church in Winkler, Mb.

We are in the process of organizing to be fully independant and are drafting a constitution and member charter. Pastor Cook has since turned the ministry over to a full time Pastor, Pastor K Darrell Rempel. We believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired Word of God. We believe and preach seperation and preach the 1611 KJV only.

I wish you God’s richest blessings and will pray for your ministry.

Bro Vern Klassen
Heritage Baptist Church

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