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Ian Reid
12:24 h
Dear friends. Please pray for our nine-year-old ministry — (Testifying Jesus’ Love in Truth). We make free resumes, teach free English weekly, and free translations/interpretations in 17 languages, give out 3000 tracts each week. Please send us your prayers, and pass our site to friends, missionaries and family, as there are many who are lonely. God bless you.
To our American friends: Please read article 51 on our site “Things I love about America.”

Aaron Everingham
23:54 h
I have been truly blessed by Pastor Swires’ article on Sovereign Grace, Election and Predestination. God bless you.

Chuck Shorter
17:50 h
Hello from New Jersey

Paul and Tara Munro
22:17 h

Bro Gary Hawkins
06:54 h
Hello hope all is well. My name is Bro Gary Hawkins out of Freedom Baptist Church in Rural Hall NC where Bro John Byerly is pastor Bro Bobby Roberson Pastor Gospel Light
Baptist Church Walkertown NC Bro Clarence Sexton Pastor Temple Baptist Church Powell TN Bro Jack Trieber Pastor NORTH VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH SANTA CLARA CA. We are working here
in America with Church Planting and Christian Radio trying to reach the un- Church of America. Did you know there are more Churches going under than going up so when it comes
to oversea missions when the Churches go under than support is no more so we need to get back to America to plant churches where there is none so we can go back to oversea
missionaries all over the world. My daddy Bro Danny is the founder of the ministry and we have stared three Churches and now three radio station Churches Marion SC Bolivia NC
Watertown SD Radio stations wghw 88.1 fm Bolivia NC kjbb 89.1 Waterown SD 87.9 wgiw Mt Airy NC and we have some other to get going FCC has approved then and we want to reach
the lost stir up the saints and up lift JESUS. And also we are getting ready to start a Church in Wilmington NC. We are looking for some GOD fearing Baptist preacher KING JAMES
BIBLE only to help us by preaching on three station for a donation of $1.50 a min that is cheap but all we want to do is spread the the blessed hope of the Blood the book. to a
lost and dying world. There are places that have never heard the Preaching of GODs WORD so you could help by preaching on Radio by adopting a town to help start a Church with
radio the BIBLE say how can the hear with out a preacher and how shall they go without being sent. We need your help to reach the lost because the harvest is ripe its time now to
go who will go. I want to see people get saved before its to late. So please seek GOD and see what he would have you to do to help this ministry. We want to please GOD in
everything we do.Here is some contact info Bro Gary Hawkins 336-624-6406 Thanks for the time. I have been around
to alot of Churches and we have lost our burden,concern,our first love,care our Churches are dead so we can’t see no life of others. I myself want to see a stirring in our next
genertion and yes we can see it if we want.Bro Gary & Family
Romans 8:28 

02:16 h
Listened to two sermons, and read you articles on the left menu of your homepage. I have never been to western Canada. I do need people to pray for me.

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