June 2 2015:  The Golden Avenue Quartet from Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California, came to visit and sing for us at 7 pm at the chapel in Wilson Creek.  What a blessing to hear these young men sing!  Their chaperone, Pastor Oxendine, is also the dean of students at Golden State Baptist College.  We were blessed by a short message he gave on the fear of God.

2014 has gone by in a blur.  Many changes have happened in the lives of many of us.  It has been a year of trial.  God’s grace is what keeps us going.  The Lowes, missionaries to Thompson, Manitoba, visited with us in November, and the Rheimers, missionaries to Liberia, visited us in September.  It is a blessing to see young, committed Christians answer God’s call.

2013 was a busy year, with many changes as many of the children who have grown up in the church have gone off to college.  Time slips by very quickly.  The pastor’s dad was struck and killed by a car in July of this year, while his youngest daughter was married in August.  It has been a bitter sweet year.  Praise God the pastor’s dad was a saved man.

2012 has been a busy year, with a number of speakers and missionaries making the trip to the Sunshine Coast to speak and share with us.

October 2012

The annual church Thanksgiving dinner was held at the church after the morning service on October 14.

September 2012

September 12:  Brother Robert Mickey Jr., missionary to Kenya and the Regions Beyond, presented an update on their mission in Kenya and the surrounding countries.   This church is privileged to be able to be a part of this ministry.  God is doing great things through this work.  Brother Mickey was able to spend several days in Gibsons to get caught up on some important paper work for the ministry, and he and Pastor Dave were able to spend some very pleasant time together.

August 2012

August 25:  Brother Niles Loewen and family, missionary to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, parked their HUGE trailer in Pastor Dave’s driveway in preparation to preach for us and present their mission the following day, August 26th.  The Loewen family was able to spend several days in Gibsons, letting the kids enjoy the good weather after their classes, and giving them a chance to pick some blackberries and make some blackberry jam to take with them.   The church has decided to send monthly financial support to this mission.

August 12:  The church picnic was held at Langdale Heights RV Park & Par 3 Golf Course after the morning service.  Everybody had a great time, with lots of food, great weather, a lot of participation from all ages on the golf course, and a short service at the end of the day.

July 2012

July 22:  Missionary Jason Church and family presented their burden for Calgary, AB, in the morning service.

Pastor Dave and Kathy traveled to Oklahoma City on July 10th to visit their new grand daughter and her parents.  They were very blessed to have enough airmile points provided by a family member to cover the airfare!

Brother David Bueckert, missionary church planter to PEI preached the messages on July 15th, while Pastor Dave and Kathy were away.

June 2012

Richard Larson, long time friend and in regular attendance, who attended every service he could, including Wednesday night in Gibsons, over the last few months, after years of denial, suddenly began to really dig in, determined to settle things once and for all.   His eyes, ears and heart were opened, and he was suddenly on fire for the things of God as he was miraculously saved.  Sadly for us, but gloriously for him, he graduated to heaven only a very short time later, on June 27.   Pastor Dave preached the memorial service hosted by Christ the King Community Church in Gibsons, on July 7th.

June 24th, Brother Adonis Malazo and family, missionary to the Mountain Province in the Philippines, preached all the services.  It was a great blessing to have him and his family share their burden for the people of  the remote Mountain Province.   The church has decided to send monthly financial support to this mission.

The church picnic, also scheduled for this day, was cancelled due to chicken pox in the church family.

July 22, Pastor Dave and Kathy are very pleased to announce the birth of their newest grand daughter, Julia Kathleen, to Nathan and Jenny (Cottrell) Harris!

April 2012

We celebrated our annual Communion service on Wednesday, April 4th.  Communion is something we do in remembrance of our Lord’s death for our sins.

March 2012 – Missions Month

March 24 & 25:  Brother Jake Friessen and family, missionary to the Mennonites in Mexico, arrived on Saturday in time to enjoy a meal at the pastor’s home, and preached the morning services.  It was a privilege and a blessing to spend time with them and hear of their burden for the Mennonite people of Northern Mexico.

March 11:  Brother Edwin and Nancy Cahill of Mercy and Caring Children’s Homes in Kitale, Kenya, were here to give us an update on the work, there.  Several members of the church, including Pastor Dave & Kathy, and Pastor Emeritus Steve & Liz Swires, have foster children there.  It is a real blessing to see these children growing up happy and healthy, and knowing Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

February 2012

Brother David Cloud of Way of Life Literature made a very fast trip on his way back to Asia from Florida.  It was a blessing to have him here and have him preach in our morning services on February 26th, after which we were able to share a very fast meal with him, as he needed to catch the 2:30 ferry to make it back to Seattle  before inclement weather could close the I-5.  It was important for him to be in time for his trans Pacific flight home.

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